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1. That this Court reconvenes at a date to be determined in September, 1996 to hear the substantive evidence on the claims made against Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada.
2. That the indictment as presented at this hearing be amended to include a call to justice of Her Majesty the Queen, not just in Right of Canada, but in Right of Great Britain as well.
3. That the indictment be further amended to include a call to justice of the Governments of the United States of America, and Mexico, which are complicit in the violation in the law of the First Nations of Great Turtle Island.
4. That should the governments not respond to the call to justice, a friend of the Court be appointed on their behalf for the next scheduled hearing of this Court. But that that friend be made aware that such hearing of this Court will be conducted according to the processes and vision of First Nations law and not the law of the colonizer.
5. That prior to the next sitting of this court, hearing for the collection of evidence be held in such First Nations as wish to participate in order to gather such information as the prosecution thinks necessary and to be held at such time and place as the First Nation concerned think is appropriate.
6. That in view of the fact that clear violations of First Nations law have occurred, First Nation be encouraged to impose a moratorium on the conclusion of any treaties, negotiations or other arrangements with the governments of Great Turtle Island until such time as this Court delivers its final judgement.
7. And finally, that the findings and evidence of this preliminary hearing be given wide circulation within the communities of First Nations and within Canada and elsewhere.
Judge Jim Dumont (Anishinabe Nation)
Judge Irene Watson (Tanganedald Nation)
Judge Moana Jackson (Ngati Kahungunu/Wgati Porou Nation)
Judge John Mohawk (Seneca Nation)
Judge Tupac Enrique (Xicana-Nahuatl Nation)
Judge Jeanette Armstrong (Okanagan Nation)
Judge Leroy Littlebear (Blood Nation)


Court Releases Preliminary Judgement Against Canada

(Ottawa, Ontario): -- The First Nations International Court of Justice today released its preliminary judgement on the Indictment against the Crown in right of Canada. The preliminary judgement is that there is sufficient evidence to proceed with the indictment against Canada on all counts. The Court has decided to proceed with the case against Canada in the fall. At that time the Government of Canada will be given the opportunity to respond to the charges brought against it.

In summarizing Maori Jurist Dr. Moana Jackson stated that "this Court has been convened to decide if there is sufficient evidence to call further hearings on whether Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada is in breach and violation of the original law of the First Nations of Turtle Island. Like my other judges, it is clear to me on the basis of the evidence given before us that there has been such a violation."

He said "the law that was brought here by the colonizer was built upon ideas and doctrines intended not just to deny the validity of First Nations laws, but to also deny the value of indigenous life itself." He also stated "that the Government of Canada which is responsible for the passage and maintenance of that law today did not deign to appear before us, was not so much an affront to this court as it was an act of disrespect to the ideals and aspirations of First Nation peoples and therefore also a violation of First Nations law. True justice lies not in written down words or acts of a parliament, but in visions and dreams which should underpin them. Indigenous law is based upon clear dreams of how life should be lived and clear vision of the sovereignty and political power required to give effect to them. Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada has trampled upon those dreams and remains today in breach of the law which came from First Nations."

Canada was indicted last September 1995 for unlawfully interfering with the internal affairs of sovereign First Nations, for unlawfully imposing its laws on First Nations citizens and territory and the unlawful seizure of First Nations lands resources among other charges.

Five indigenous witnesses from the four directions presented evidence to support the indictment over the past three days in front of seven indigenous judges from Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States.

The first sitting of the First Nations International Court of Justice issued the seven orders above.

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